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What Has Changed? February 6, 2008

Posted by hutchhigh83 in General Information.
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I visited good ol’ Hutchinson this past weekend to help my mother move to Texas. I looked at the town as a person who will likely not be back, except for the reunions, of course. I thought about all the things that have changed. For example, there’s a Starbucks in town now! I thought I’d start this post so that people can comment and reveal other things they’ve seen change in Hutchinson, and for those of you who haven’t visited in awhile, feel free to post questions about our old hometown.

(Yes, I know that probably nobody is reading this blog, but you can’t blame a person for trying, right?) *grin*



1. mooreb3715 - February 8, 2008

My parents still live in Hutch, so I get back once or twice a year. I’m struck by what a really bad decision it was open that awful mall (it was being built the last summer I lived there). The city’s character nestled out there on the edge of town for a couple of years, and then went completely away when the box stores showed up. Now the downtown is filled with antique stores (never a good sign) and the highway looks like the edge of every other town that sold its soul to Wal-Mart and Applebees.

I read online that there are efforts underway to attract business and residents back downtown, and I hope they have success. Of course, the fundamental problem with any plan of that sort is that most of us aren’t there to boost the downtown economy with pitchers of 3.2 beer at Carls.

2. Dave Boesch - February 12, 2008


We can give our best shot at re-vitalization on the 27-28 of June.

Myself like a lot others only get back there so often to visit the parents. It’s going to be great to get back and see everyone this year!

Cheers til then.

3. Bryan Rose - March 5, 2008

Hutch has changed but still has quite a few of those unique places that you can’t find any where else in the world. I have been to 28 country’s, 47 States and even though I don’t get back but twice a year. I still call it home! Look forward to catching up with you all in a few months! BR (Bryan Rose)

4. Kim (Robbins) Crum - March 5, 2008

I will always call Hutch home proudly. Looking forward to seeing everyone there.

5. Andrea Clark - March 13, 2008

Hello everyone,
As someone who currently lives in Hutchinson I think Hutch still has the character that it had many years ago, if not more. I enjoy visiting the larger towns and cities. That is all. I would never want to live in a larger city. I went to Wichita yesterday with my husband and as we were getting ready to turn into a parking lot someone in oncoming lanes stoped to let me through. I gently waved a thank you and was totaly ignored. In Hutch people respond to you. I am generally not affraid to talk to people or greet someone in Hutch.

Most of the charm that you talk about is from the people, not from the stores or where Wal-mart or Applebees are located. I would not live anywhere else. I have a college degree and teach for HCC in the Allied Health department. I do not feel as though my carreer has suffered at all due to my choice to stay in Hutch. My wages compare to what they should be in larger towns in comparison to the cost of living. You tell me what big city you could buy a 3 bedroom, two bath house for under $100,000. All you have to do is watch HGTV to know this isn’t going to happen. I am not as well traveled as you Bryan. I have only been to 36 states and one foreign country. Hutch is still and always will be home.

Andrea Clark (Herriman)

6. Elaine (Griffin) Plybon - March 14, 2008

I don’t know, I think it has more to do with the attitude of a place than the size. I live in one of the largest metropolitan areas in the country and I find myself having doors opened for me, polite people offering to carry things for me, and small community feelings generated by my church or the suburb in which I live, or my workplace. Cost of living here is the same as cost of living in Hutchinson, simply because Reno County has such an excessive tax rate. So my wages here, being nearly twice what I’d be making in a similar job in Hutch, go a whole lot farther.

I think that basically, what Andrea said about the charm being in the people was right on target — we can make where we are, whether that is a large city or a tiny burg, feel like home if we choose to.

7. Marci (Wolcott) McAllister - March 15, 2008

All the trees on Monroe St. are gone. I guess they were Dutch elms, but it just looks sad when I am going to my parents’ house.

I’m glad the reunion is not July 4th weekend. I am more likely to be able to make it there the weekend before.

8. Cindy Clark (Moore) - April 25, 2008

I have been to many places but I will always call Hutchinson home. I would not want to live any where else.

9. Paul Essmyer - May 20, 2008

Great posts by all.

For me the reality is Hutch is a great place to be from. Like many, I travel a great deal and have met and work with many people from all over the world. Somehow the topic of where your from comes up and once Kansas is explained and where in Kansas is then explained, it opens up an entirely new conversation. Too many times to count when someone finds out I grew up in Hutch they will ask if I know someone they’ve met previously or already know.

So, while I’m not in Hutch but once a year I am consistently reminded of where I grew up and spent many great years. Hutch is a great place to be from.

10. David Young - May 24, 2008

Hey girls and guys, I’m still livin here in hutch and by the by Carls Bar now sells liquor so kiss the 3.2 beer bye bye its 6. now, mixed drinks & foods still great, plus the Red Lion reopened with the old Tomassi’s building doing food, old Blue Duck chef. Hope to see all of you for at least the social gathering the first night will see where it goes from their. Hope all are doing well, see you soon!!!!

11. Dana Spurlock, Fritschen, Jones - May 27, 2008

Well here’s a shout in the dark to ya’ all… I myself still live in Kansas, and have family still in Hutchinson. I guess I haven’t yet spead my wings and flew away, I’ve been out of the state just twice to Alabama on a visit.
Not sure any of you remember me, or have had thoughts of where I’ve ended up… which leads to the next question, Why should I attend the graduation party?? Only to suffer through, the “guess i don’t remember you”
If I’m wrong in my way of thinking, let me hear back from you with what you remember of a moment shared by the both of us.
Dana Spurlock

12. hutchhigh83 - May 27, 2008


I remember you. Besides, at this point in our lives, aren’t we all ready to become reaquainted to people we never really knew in the first place? I wouldn’t think the party would be a “suffering through” but more of an opportunity to connect with humans we once had something in common with, even if we didn’t share the same histories and memories. Many people don’t remember me at the reunions, but that hasn’t kept me from going to them and enjoying something about each one of them.

Plus, it’s an excuse to get out and dance, right???

13. Andrea Clark - May 27, 2008

I remember you as well. In fact, I think I live down the street from some of your family.
I hope you do plan to come.


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